Sweet Potato and Yogurt Cake

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Sweet Potato and Yogurt Cake

This cake tastes like a light cheesecake but contains much less calories, sugar and fat than regular cheesecake. It is diabetic friendly (low-GI) and of course gluten-free.

10  oz (250 g) sweet potatoes, peeled and diced into 1 inch (2.5 cm) cubes
24 oz (700 g) Greek plain yogurt
2 eggs
2-5 Tbsp coconut sugar (I used 3 Tbsp)
4 Tbsp rice flour or powdered skim milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Whipped cream or fruit sauce of your choice (optional)


  1. Steam sweet potatoes until soft.
  2. Preheat the oven to 360F/180C degrees.
  3. In a blender, put steamed potatoes, yogurt, eggs, sugar, rice flour or powdered milk, and vanilla extract and mix well.
  4. Put the mixture in a 7 or 8 inch (18 or 21 cm) springform pan and bake for about 45 minutes.
  5. Serve with whipped cream or fruit sauce (optional).

Servings: 6


  1. I am so excited to find this recipe. As if relearning how to cook and bake GF is not hard enough, now a friend of mine found out she is type2 diabetic. I can’t wait to pass this on. It much easier to stay on tract when you have healthy choices.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for checking my blog and posting a comment. I try to make my recipes on this blog not only GF but also low GI (diabetic-friendly) as much as possible. I hope you and your friend will like the cake and some others on this blog.

  3. Jonathan says

    Came out of the absolutely beatuiful and blooming but then immediately collapsed to a fraction of its height. Fine if it really is supposed to be a low level cheese cake but he picture above would suggest not… any suggestions?

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m sorry to hear your cake shrank. You might want to try lowering the oven temperature a little and bake longer. Sometimes leaving the cake in the oven for 5 minutes with a door slightly open after you are done baking may prevent shrinking. You could also try water bath when you bake.

  5. Hi Chikako

    Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe. I’m thinking of making it into cupcakes for my grandparents’ wedding anniversary but I would first like to make some enquiries. Should the steamed sweet potatoes be completely cooled before mixing with the other ingredients? Can I store them in an airtight container or should they be refrigerated? How long can they be stored?

  6. Hi Alison,
    Thank you for the comment and questions. I am honored that you are planning to make this for your grandparents’ anniversary. The steamed sweet potatoes don’t need to be completely cooled as long as they are not too hot to affect the eggs. If you don’t eat the cupcakes on the next day, I suggest keeping them in the refrigerator (for 2-3 days). I have never made it into cupcakes, but you might want to lower the over temp slightly. The baking time should be much shorter than 45 min. You also might want to consider adding some GF baking powder or xanthan gum to ensure proper rising. Good luck and I hope you will have a wonderful celebration!

  7. Thanks for your prompt reply and great suggestions! I will test it out and let you know the outcome. (:

  8. Thank you, Allison! Good luck!

  9. Should you grease and flour the pan before putting the batter in, or will it release from the springform pan without it?

    Also, will it be too wet with regular yogurt? I make my own and would rather use that, but straining for Greek yogurt takes time and refrigerator space and I’d have to strain 48 ounces of regular yogurt to get 24 ounces of Greek yogurt. Most storebought Greek yogurt is thickened with additives, plus homemade yogurt just tastes better!

    It looks delicious!

  10. Hi Diane,

    Thank you for the questions. I didn’t have any problem without coating the springform pan, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to grease and flour the pan if your pan is not non-stick.
    I would say if you use regular yogurt, it would be too loose, but perhaps you could experiment by adding more rice flour or arrowroot powder or using more eggs. Good luck! Thank you for checking my recipes.

  11. Sorry; but do not know what “10 oz (250 g”) or “1 inch (2.5 cm)” is in measurements. What would measurements be as in Cup…(or how many sweet potatoes)?

  12. Hi Judy,

    Thank you for the question. If the grocery store you usually go to has a scale in the produce section, you could use the scale to weigh the potatoes. One medium sweet potato weighs about 5.3 oz or 150 g, so you need two small potatoes, 1.5 medium potatoes, or 1 large potato. It doesn’t have to be precise. You also don’t need to dice them into a precise size because you will steam and mash them anyway. I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please let me know.

  13. Lisa Domico says

    Are the ‘sweet potatoes’ actual sweet potatoes ( lighter colored) , or what we refer to as ‘yams'(orange)

  14. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for the question. It doesn’t make any difference whether you use sweet potatoes or yams. Please use whichever you like.

  15. Are there any suggested substitutions that could be made for the coconut sugar, rice flour or powdered skim milk? Also, any thoughts on using pumpkin (fresh or pureed) in place of the sweet potatoes?

  16. Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for the questions. You can use regular granulated sugar instead of coconut sugar and substitute soy milk powder, coconut flour, or regular flour (gluten-free flour or all purpose flour) for rice flour or powdered skim milk. Yes, you can try using pumpkin. Please just make sure that it is not very watery.

  17. Do you think Fat-free Greek yogurt would work ok? Any thoughts on using vanilla flavoured yogurt? Just so happens I have a large container of fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt in the fridge that the kids have decided they no longer like! (i’d probably eliminate the sugar if using flavoured yogurt as it is already sweetened)

  18. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for the question. Yes, I believe using fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt and eliminating sugar would be perfectly fine. I hope you will enjoy the cake.

  19. I used 3 TBSP sugar and it was not sweet enough. A bit more sugar and it would have been perfect.

  20. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for the comment. I tend to minimize the amount of sugar and am used to be satisfied with the less sweet taste, but please feel free to increase the sugar quantity in all of my recipes.

  21. HI, wanting to make this for my Mom in Laws 60th B day!! My question is do you serve this like a cheesecake by refrigerating it and serving it cool or do you eat it warm?

  22. Hi Erica,
    My apologies for the late reply. I am honored that you are going to make this cake for your mother’s 60th birthday. You can serve it cold like cheesecake or at room temperature. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

  23. Yay a diabetic friendly desert.will have to try this recipe.i love cheesecakes but im diabetic now

  24. Thank you for the comment, Kathleen. I love cheesecake too. I hope you like the recipes on this site.

  25. I tried this recipe using the milk powder and unfortunately it looked nowhere like the photo of your cake. Mine did not rise and looked more like a baked cheesecake with lots of cracks.

  26. Hi Helen,
    I am very sorry to hear that the cake didn’t turn out like the one in the picture.
    Your sweet potatoes might have had too much water content. Perhaps you could separate the eggs and whip the egg white to be added to the batter at the end. You might also want to try lowering the oven temperature a little and bake longer. Sometimes leaving the cake in the oven for 5 minutes with a door slightly open after you are done baking may prevent shrinking. You could also try water bath when you bake. That’s all I can think of. Thank you very much for leaving a comment.


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