Guilt-Free Coffee Jelly

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Guilt-Free Coffee Jelly

This is what you can make when you want something sweet but don’t want all the calories and fat. It’s super easy and quick to make.  For a sweetener, I used a combination of erythritol, purelo lo han sweetener (monk fruit) (zero calorie, zero-GI (glycemic index) natural sweeteners) and coconut sugar (low-GI). Stevia works well too if you like the taste. If you use low-GI natural sweetener(s), this dessert is perfect for people with diabetes. For a coffee creamer, I used So Delicious coconut milk creamer. The one I made in the picture has only about 30 calories per serving.

The Agar Agar powder (also called kanten powder) listed in the ingredient list is a natural additive derived from red algae.  It is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin.

4 cups brewed coffee or coffee alternative
4 tsp Agar Agar powder (kanten powder)
Sweetener of your choice
Coffee creamer

1. Brew coffee.
2. Add Agar Agar powder and mix until it dissolves.
3. Add a sweetener of your choice to your taste.
4. Cool and then refrigerate for a few hours.
5. Cut into cubes with a knife.  Transfer cubes to individual dishes and pour some coffee creamer.

Servings: 6