Blue Cheese and Citrus Dressing

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Blue Cheese and Citrus Dressing

Blue cheese dressing is usually made using lots of mayonnaise and other dairy products, such as sour cream and half and half, but this dressing is made without using extra dairy products. It’s just as good as regular blue cheese dressing and is so easy to make. Please try it if you have some leftover blue cheese from a dinner party.

I used this dressing on simple steamed vegetables in the above picture, but it is also great for green salad, wedge salad, or as a dipping. The other day, I made baked French fries and this dressing went well with it!


3.5 oz (100 g) blue cheese
1 orange, juice of
1 small lime, juice of
1  small garlic clove
Salt to taste


  1. Blend everything in a blender.
  2. Infuse love and serve with your favorite salad or other food.
  3. This dressing is good for about 3 days.

Yield: 3/4 cup