Asparagus, Strawberry and Mint Salad

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Asparagus, Strawberry, and Mint Salad

I still had a lot of asparagus left from previous week’s CSA delivery, so I made another quick asparagus dish.


20 asparagus spears, cut into 2-inch pieces
1/2 tsp lemon zest
1 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp maple syrup
10 strawberries, quartered
4 mint leaves (large), cut into chiffonade


  1. Boil water in a saucepan. Add 1/2 tsp of salt and cook asparagus for a couple of minutes. Immediately immerse asparagus in cold water to cool and drain.
  2. In a bowl, mix lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil and maple syrup.
  3. Add asparagus, strawberries and mint. Season with salt and pepper. Refrigerate for 30 – 60 minutes.
  4. Infuse love and serve!

Servings: 4